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Coliving Ventures is the world's first company dedicated to accelerating the growth and consolidation of coliving. We stand at the forefront of the industry as a leading platform and venture developer. Through collaborative partnerships with our valued Partners and Club Members, we actively drive positive change, shaping the future of shared living.

About Coliving Ventures

Creating Opportunies in the Coliving Industry

At Coliving Ventures, we are at the forefront of driving innovation and growth within the shared living industry. Through powerful and strategic partnerships, we design, develop and (co-)manage ventures that aim to positively impact the consolidation of coliving as a sustainable and scalable asset class.

Our diverse portfolio of ventures is tailored to meet the evolving demands of this fast-growing alternative real estate sector. From pioneering research and development initiatives to hosting prestigious award ceremonies, we bring together the most innovative and bright minds to inspire a new generation of real estate and shared living professionals.

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Unlock the full potential of the shared living industry by joining the Coliving Ventures Club. As the ultimate nexus for investors, developers, operators, and key players in the shared living landscape, our club membership offers exclusive access to a dynamic platform where industry pioneers converge to shape the future of shared living.

From thought leadership to impactful collaborations, discover unparalleled opportunities to elevate your brand, forge strategic connections, and explore lucrative ventures.

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Ventures Portfolio

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At Coliving Ventures, we are pioneering the future of shared living. Through our venture development expertise, we drive innovation and redefine industry standards. From conception to execution, we collaborate with partners to bring groundbreaking products and experiences to life.

Explore our diverse portfolio of ventures, including flagship events, industry awards, and cutting-edge platforms. Each venture represents our commitment to pushing boundaries and shaping the shared living experience.

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Research hub, media & showcasing platform

Coliving Insights

The first awards ceremony for coliving industry

Coliving Awards

The premier conference accelerating the future of shared living

Coliving Conference

Powering Coliving Through FinTech


Let’s venture together

At Coliving Ventures, we thrive on collaboration and innovation. Whether you have a groundbreaking idea or an existing organisation looking to grow within the coliving industry, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Contact us today to explore how we can develop ventures together and drive impact in shared living.

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Coliving Ventures partners with industry leaders, organisations and startups to drive innovation in shared living. Together, we shape the future of coliving through collaboration, common initiatives and impactful ventures.