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A platform dedicated to encouraging innovation, sustainable business development and impactful growth within the coliving industry.
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Coliving Ventures is the world's first venture dedicated to accelerating the growth and consolidation of coliving

Through powerful and strategic partnerships within the shared living scene, we build and (co-)manage ventures that aim to positively impact the consolidation of coliving as a sustainable and scalable asset class. Our different ventures are tailored to meet the demands of a fast-growing alternative real estate asset class. From research and development to award ceremonies, we focus on bringing the most innovative and bright minds together to inspire a new generation of real estate and shared living professionals.


Our Ideology

Born from a collaboration between several coliving innovators and thought leaders, Coliving Ventures has grown into what is now an ecosystem of initiatives that help the coliving sector scale and thrive. We provide capital, experience, network, technology and business know-how to create internationally scalable enterprises. Our mission is to provide a solid base for the coliving industry to consolidate; by ideating, validating and launching enterprises jointly with our partners, we strive to create a better future for the coliving industry.

Our Values

We are impact-driven entrepreneurs committed to building successful and sustainable ventures. Through cooperation and exchange of ideas with our strategic partners, we bring our expertise to grow impactful initiatives that are contributing to the consolidation of coliving as an established asset class.


We work with exceptional teams to build iconic, lasting companies.

Coliving Ventures is a valuable network of specialised professionals ranging from business developers, marketers, creatives, and more. What all these talented professionals have in common is their understanding of the real estate scene, and most specifically the coliving industry. Lead by our management team, Coliving Ventures partners up with thought-leading organisations to bring relevant enterprises to the market. We are crafting an ecosystem of initiatives that are driving change both at an individual and collective level.

Our Portfolio

The initiatives brought to life by Coliving Ventures

We support CEOs, founders and other entrepreneurial profiles who aspire to create the coliving enterprises of tomorrow.

Coliving Insights

Coliving Insights is a think tank and innovative research lab dedicated to providing state-of-the-art insights to the coliving industry and connecting thought leaders and industry players to help shape the agenda for the coliving industry.

Coliving Awards

Coliving Awards is an award ceremony dedicated to highlighting key initiatives, inspiring thought leaders and innovations shaping the coliving industry.

Our Team

Meet the founding partners behind Coliving Ventures. Driven by an innate passion to support the coliving industry in its path towards a sustainable, scalable and institutionalised asset class - they are the strategic arm supporting the development of all of our ideas, initiatives and business concepts.

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Head of PR & Communications



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Coliving Ventures is led by an experienced and recognised management team, along with a network of partners in the coliving industry. Our abiding principles, investment philosophy, and client relationships have helped us position ourselves as a trustworthy and influential partner to work with. We are defined by excellent performance and high quality standards; we maximise our resources to enable and empower the ventures we build. Through flawless cooperation with our partners, we are able to deliver high level business performance and contribute to the positive development of future cities and housing innovations.

Partner with us

We believe in partnerships that evolve into long-term relationships that bring value to shared business goals. We put our expertise, experience and network at the reach of our partners and excel in providing them with best practices within the coliving sector. As a trusted partner, we operate with honesty and in full transparency, focusing on long-term value and a sustainable way of collaboration. Partnering with Coliving Ventures means working with a talented group of professionals with the ambition to bring impactful enterprises to the market that will change the way we live, work and connect.

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Contact Coliving Ventures team for any questions, collaboration opportunities and/or further information queries.

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