Key Takeaways From World Urban Forum And Industry Events By Coliving Ventures

Coliving Ventures encapsulates the key takeaways and pivotal insights gathered from the 11th World Urban Forum and its related industry events, serving as a guiding force in advancing the discourse on sustainable urban development and the transformative potential of shared living.

Insights into Sustainable Urban Development: Coliving Ventures' Key Takeaways

Amsterdam, 14th July, 2022

The eleventh session of the World Urban Forum, a pivotal global event on urban development, convened over 20,000 participants from 175 countries. Held from June 26th to June 30th, 2022, in Katowice, Poland, this forum provided a platform for insightful discussions on sustainable urbanisation and community well-being. In conjunction with this forum, Coliving Ventures organised two satellite industry events aimed at advancing the discourse on shared living and its potential to drive positive change.

Sustainable urban development emerged as a central theme of WUF11, reflecting global concerns about rapid urbanisation and its impact on the environment and communities. Coliving Ventures, guided by principles of impact, sustainability, and community well-being, spearheaded efforts to foster multi-stakeholder ecosystems within the shared living sector. These efforts aimed to elevate shared living as a socially and environmentally sustainable housing model, contributing to the broader real estate industry and our planet.

At the industry events organised by Coliving Ventures, high-level decision-makers, urban planners, entrepreneurs, and business leaders converged to explore innovative strategies for sustainable urbanisation. Speakers from esteemed organisations such as Urban Land Institute (ULI), the Senior Housing & Healthcare Association (SHHA), Spaceflow, All Things Urban, and Conscious Coliving shared their insights and experiences, highlighting the sector's potential to drive positive change. Discussions revolved around addressing key challenges such as an ageing population, urban growth, and housing affordability, while exploring solutions such as circular construction materials and resource-efficient construction practices.

In collaboration with Coliving Insights, Coliving Ventures has released a special publication reflecting on the insights and knowledge gained during WUF11. This publication aims to raise awareness of sustainable urbanisation and disseminate findings from the conference to stakeholders and other interested parties. Get your copy here.

As we reflect on our contributions to sustainable urbanisation, Coliving Ventures remains committed to fostering collaboration and innovation within the shared living sector. We look forward to our upcoming events, where we will continue to shape a better future for shared living, together.

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