Coliving Ventures Elevates Shared Living Discourse at 11th World Urban Forum

Coliving Ventures, at the forefront of urban innovation, hosts a series of events during the 11th World Urban Forum, aiming to drive change and foster discussions on the pivotal role of shared living in shaping sustainable urban development.

Coliving Ventures Leads Urban Innovation Dialogue at 11th World Urban Forum

Amsterdam, June 22nd, 2022

As the demand for modern housing solutions continues to rise, shared living emerges as a pivotal force shaping urban development. Recognising this trend, Coliving Ventures is spearheading a series of events focused on driving innovation, impact, and change in the cities of tomorrow through shared living concepts. These events will be hosted from June 28th to 30th during the 11th World Urban Forum (, a premier global conference on sustainable urbanisation, organised by UN-Habitat (, the City of Katowice (, and the Ministry of European Funds and Regional Policy Development in Katowice (, Poland.

About the initiative

The programme of events consists of:

  • Shared Living in the Cities of Tomorrow Driving Innovation, Impact & Change, a one-day conference scheduled for June 28th, 2022 at the Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library (CINiBA) in Katowice. This event aims to foster discussions on the role of shared living in driving urban innovation and sustainability.
  • Coliving Awards 2022, the second edition of the only ceremony dedicated to highlighting key innovators, actors and ideas that are shaping the coliving industry, scheduled for June 29th, 2022, at Kino Kosmos;
  • Community-driven sustainable housing: World Café & Networking Session, an event on June 30th at the Katowice International Conference Centre. This session, part of the WUF11 program, delves into community-centric housing models and sustainable urban living solutions.

By integrating shared living into the WUF 11 agenda, Coliving Ventures aims to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among high-level decision-makers, real estate stakeholders, urban planners, and industry professionals. With an anticipated audience of over 400 attendees, including investors, developers, operators, and thought leaders, these events promise unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and insight exchange.

In addition to providing unique networking opportunities, the events will offer various panels dedicated to industry trends, best practices, innovations and insights into the future of sustainable and community-centred urbanisation. Shared living experts will share practical knowledge within community-driven housing, innovative implementation approaches and sustainable forms of urban living and housing within various specialist shared living models, including regenerative villages, coliving, build-to-rent and purpose built student accommodation among others.

Stay tuned for updates and highlights from these transformative events as Coliving Ventures continues to shape the discourse on shared living and urban development.

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