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At Coliving Ventures, we are pioneers in shaping the future of shared living. As the world's first venture builder dedicated to coliving, we specialise in ideating, incubating, accelerating, and shaping ventures that drive sustainable growth within the industry.

Our unique approach combines venture development with an industry platform ethos, bringing together top players, visionaries, and innovators to collaborate and drive positive change in the shared living landscape.

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Pioneering the Future of Shared Living

Coliving Ventures has been at the forefront of the shared living revolution, pioneering innovative solutions that redefine modern living. Our mission is to propel the growth of the shared living sector and establish coliving as a sustainable and thriving asset class. Through curated networks, access to vital information and data, and global propagation, we empower the evolution of shared living.

Leading Through Innovation

Our journey began with a bold idea and a passion for change. Since then, we've evolved into a leading force in the coliving industry, shaping the conversation and driving meaningful impact. Through our ventures, partnerships, and initiatives, we've demonstrated our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Shaping the Industry Landscape

Today, Coliving Ventures stands as a catalyst for transformation in the shared living space. With a track record of success and a growing network of partners and collaborators, we're reshaping the industry landscape and pushing boundaries like never before. From hosting insightful conferences and prestigious awards ceremonies to validating, developing and launching innovative ventures in collaboration with our partners, we're driving forward the evolution of shared living.

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Shaping the future of community driven real estate on a global scale

Since our inception, we've been driving impact across the coliving industry through a multitude of events, initiatives, and partnerships, establishing our presence worldwide with a top-tier network of industry decision-makers and thought leaders, spanning across countries in all continents.

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