Pascal De Keyser

About Pascal

Pascal De Keyser is an Investor and Board Member at Coliving Ventures BV, where he lends his business leadership and strategic acumen. He is also the Founder of Portio - a pioneering FinTech startup specialising in co-investing within existing, revenue-generating coliving projects through innovative blockchain and tokenization solutions. Born in Belgium and living in Antwerp, Pascal has built up a track record over the past 20 year in greenfield industrial real estate projects and financial management for early-stage environments. Throughout his career, Pascal developed corporate ventures in Belgium and abroad, and has a keen affinity to hybrid hospitality and coliving.

Together with Pascal, we have incubated Portio - where innovation meets coliving, as we unveil cutting-edge FinTech solutions that elevate the coliving experience.

  • Portio Capital - offering fractional ownership in attractive projects, large and small investment participation, blockchain tokenization technology, and secondary market liquidity opportunities.
  • Portio Club - offering access to premium spaces and the potential for the coliving community and users to co-invest in their favourite coliving brands.