Coliving Insights

Media platform and research lab dedicated to providing state-of-the-art insights to the coliving sector


An innovative research lab and media platform dedicated to providing state-of-the-art insights to the coliving industry

Coliving Insights, our flagship venture, is a media platform and research lab dedicated to providing state-of-the-art insights to the coliving sector and connecting thought leaders and industry players to help shape the agenda for the shared living industry. Coliving Insights releases publications showcasing insights from the world's leading innovators in the alternative residential real estate industry, with a strong focus on the coliving sector.


After releasing eight successful editions, Coliving Insights has established itself as a namesake organisation within coliving

Since the end of 2019, we have released eight digital publications, a few special editions and an information centre that touch on different aspects of the coliving product and market. We launched the platform with our first publication, Exploring Coliving as an Innovative Housing Solution, a 150+ page report that takes a unique perspective on the coliving sector including a bottom-up analysis and comparison of 28 operators. Since then we have worked diligently to deliver insightful content for each publication, covering various aspects of the coliving model and highlighting a selection of breakthrough projects and companies working within the shared living sector around the world. It is our aim to share best practices of each factor responsible for creating unforgettable coliving experience, including spatial design, branding, marketing, social value, impact and more. As a result we have developed 8 publications, each dedicated to a certain aspect of coliving.

Coliving Insights No. 2 presents exclusive insights into the state and health of the coliving industry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with contributions from key thought leaders and deep dives into industry-exclusive knowledge. 

Our third publication explores the notion of impact and sustainability in coliving and features contributions from 30+ thought leaders and innovators around the topics of social value, public policies, social impact and technological innovation.

Coliving Insights No.4 analyses a wider coliving market overview by taking a deep dive into the different lifecycle phases involved in creating successful coliving communities, including the investment, development, operations and scaling phases.

Our fifth publication focuses on what real estate has to offer in terms of digital transformation and how technology can tap into every dimension to optimise absolutely all aspects of coliving, at every step of the way. 

Coliving Insigths No. 6 highlighted the best practices when it comes to community building. It brought together the most inspiring and innovative examples from coliving operators, experience designers, consultancies, tech platforms, community builders and more in regards to how best to foster authentic communities in coliving.

Our seventh edition explores the world’s most innovative shared living spatial designs and how they are setting the stage for new ways to live, work and play with one another for decades to come.

Coliving Insights No.8, our most recent edition,  dives into the intricacies of various branding and marketing solutions and explores how they can facilitate the creation of strong brand personality that can differentiate itself in a competitive coliving industry.

We have also released a few special editions, alongside our second venture Coliving Awards, as well as bespoke publications for Coliving Ventures events.


A growing audience and exemplary relevance within the coliving industry

We have assembled contributors, partners and sponsors from around the coliving scene to share their insider insights and best practices with our hyper-niche audience of coliving and real estate professionals. With over 6000+ downloads of our publications and an audience reach of more than 3800 industry stakeholders, we have developed one of the largest coliving media platforms around the globe.


Reaching coliving stakeholders globally

Alongside the international success of our publications, and a global reach of a large number of stakeholders in the industry, we continue to share our insights, intensify our research activities and connect with high profile specialists. Our strategic approach to crafting the topics for each edition will continue to support the growth of the industry and facilitate its consolidation as an institutionalised asset class.

Invest with us

Coliving Ventures is led by an experienced and recognised management team, along with a network of partners in the coliving industry. Our abiding principles, investment philosophy, and client relationships have helped us position ourselves as a trustworthy and influential partner to work with. We are defined by excellent performance and high quality standards; we maximise our resources to enable and empower the ventures we build. Through flawless cooperation with our partners, we are able to deliver high level business performance and contribute to the positive development of future cities and housing innovations.

Partner with us

We believe in partnerships that evolve into long-term relationships that bring value to shared business goals. We put our expertise, experience and network at the reach of our partners and excel in providing them with best practices within the coliving sector. As a trusted partner, we operate with honesty and in full transparency, focusing on long-term value and a sustainable way of collaboration. Partnering with Coliving Ventures means working with a talented group of professionals with the ambition to bring impactful enterprises to the market that will change the way we live, work and connect.

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