December 16, 2022

Spatial Experience becomes the sole owner of Coliving Ventures, Coliving Insights and Coliving Awards

2022 has been a challenging, yet valuable and rewarding year for Coliving Ventures. It reached one of its most important milestones by participating at the World Urban Forum 11 with its satellite events Shared Living in the Cities of Tomorrow: Driving Innovation, Impact & Change and Community-driven sustainable housing World Café & Networking. During this event Coliving Ventures also launched the second edition of Coliving Awards with a hybrid event that united coliving professionals around the globe in the quest of winning the title of the best and pursuing creativity, innovative thinking and originality within their work as well as setting relevant benchmarks for the coliving sector.

The industry is in dire need of acquiring more knowledge and successful benchmarks as it keeps developing and shaping up. New players continue to emerge and segmentation within coliving is becoming more and more clear, making it possible for industry professionals to develop concepts, create new verticals and business models within the niche that works well for their specific demographics and markets.

Coliving Ventures has been one of the front-runners in encouraging discourse across the sector and critical thinking when it comes to existing models. Since its early beginnings, one of its main goals has been to research, discover and network with top class coliving and shared living schemes across the world and facilitate their growth by highlighting their product validation, ongoing maturation as a business,their sector innovations (among others) and elevating their exposure. This has been executed through two well known products under management of Coliving Ventures: Coliving Insights and Coliving Awards.

For those who have not yet gotten acquainted with its core mission and vision, Coliving Ventures is a platform dedicated to encouraging innovation, sustainable business development and impactful growth within the coliving industry.

Through powerful and strategic partnerships within the shared living scene, the venture builds and (co-)manages products and brands that aim to positively impact the consolidation of coliving as a sustainable and scalable asset class. The different products and brands are tailored to meet the demands of a fast-growing alternative real estate asset class. From research and development to award ceremonies, Coliving ventures focuses on bringing the most innovative and bright minds together to inspire a new generation of real estate and shared living professionals.

Similarly to the shared living industry, which is evolving in tandem with macro trends in modern society, Coliving Ventures is also undergoing changes and is now entering a new stage.

What is changing for Coliving Ventures in 2023?

Coliving Ventures and its portfolio ventures have been created and developed by Spatial Experience and its dedicated branch to venture building for specialist real estate, SPX Studio. Since 2019, dedicated representatives of Spatial Experience have teamed up with relevant coliving experts to bring forth the venture. As a result, Aitana de Jong – Managing Partner at Spatial Experience – Bart Sasim – CEO & Founder at Spatial Experience – and Matt Lesniak – Co-Founder at Conscious Coliving – were assigned the position of Co-Founders and Managing Partners to support Coliving Ventures’ validation and initial growth phase.

As it enters further growth phases in 2023, the co-founders have concluded to formally bring the venture back to its Founding Partner and Coliving Ventures will operate under full management of Spatial Experience. Matt Lesniak and Aitana de Jong are therefore no longer Managing Partners and Co-Founders of Coliving Ventures as of December 2022. The appointed Managing Director is Bart Sasim, and the operational team remains at the moment, as previous years, a dedicated division of creatives, marketeers and business specialists under the Spatial Experience brand.

Former Co-Founder Aitana de Jong and Matt Lesniak are well embedded in the industry and their contributions to Coliving Ventures thus far as well as to the industry at large is cherished. Cooperation with both professionals may take place in 2023 and beyond. The format of cooperation is yet to be disclosed.

“On behalf of Spatial Experience and Coliving Ventures, we are incredibly thankful for all the work, genuine support and energy poured by Former Co-Founders Matt Lesniak and Aitana de Jong. I’m certain that the collaboration does not end here and look forward to the further development of Coliving Ventures together with our team at Spatial Experience.” – Bart Sasim, CEO at Spatial Experience and appointed Managing Director at Coliving Ventures

What’s next?

Coliving Ventures is open to explore collaboration opportunities with new partners, sponsors, investors and other forms of joint efforts. Similarly to previous years, it will continue to encourage innovation, sustainable business development and impactful growth within the coliving industry. For partnership or collaboration enquiries please reach out via email here.

Last but not least, Coliving Ventures and its portfolio ventures (Coliving Insights and Coliving Awards) expresses its gratitude to all professionals that have contributed to its initial stages as well as its audience, for believing and betting on the growth and consolidation of impact- and community-driven shared living businesses.

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