July 14, 2022

Key Takeaways From World Urban Forum And Industry Events From Coliving Ventures

The eleventh session of World Urban Forum, the most important global event on urban development, has gathered more than 20.000 participants from over 175 countries. It took place from the 26th of June to 30th of June 2022 in Katowice, Poland, where Coliving Ventures organised two satellite industry events.

Sustainable urban development has become an important global concern. Therefore, this year WUF11 discourse was centred around the matters of rapid urbanisation, impact, sustainability and community well-being principles that we, as Coliving Ventures, employ to endorse the multi-stakeholder ecosystems of shared living professionals and businesses.

The shared living sector has a big potential to contribute positively to the real estate industry and our planet as an environmentally and socially sustainable housing model. Having these matters at heart,  Coliving Ventures set to organise two industry events, each aimed at bringing shared living industry professionals together to consolidate on the matters of sustainable and impactful future of our sector.

High-level decision-makers, urban planners, entrepreneurs, business leaders and other professionals have gathered to debate on the continuous growth of the population and the innovative ways that help reinforce urbanisation in a sustainable manner with less impact on the environment and surrounding communities. Representatives of forward-thinking companies like ULI, Senior Housing & Healthcare Association, Spaceflow, All Things Urban and Conscious Coliving, have come on stage to share their approach and experience in driving the industry to a better future. While analysing some of the challenges of the market (e.g. rising senior population, urban growth and housing affordability), we unfolded some of the wider solutions that stakeholders can attend to in the near future, such as circular construction materials, increased housing durability or resource efficient construction. If we, as a sector, continue to research, learn and optimise the processes of shared living businesses and their ecosystems, it will be possible to address the challenges of rapid urbanisation and achieve greener urban futures.

In order to raise more awareness of sustainable urbanisation among stakeholders and other constituencies and to share more findings from the conference, Coliving Ventures will be releasing a special publication in collaboration with Coliving Insights, where we will reflect more in depth on the insights and knowledge gained throughout the week at WUF11. Stay tuned on our newsletter and social media for more information.

We are happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the collective knowledge of sustainable urbanisation through our networking sessions, and are looking forward to our next events, where we can continue to create a better shared living future together!

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