Community-driven sustainable housing: 
World Café & Networking Session


Thursday, June 30th


12:15 - 13:45 CEST


This event explored sustainable forms of urban living and housing, with a specific focus on shared living models including cohousing, intentional communities, regenerative villages, coliving, build to rent, purpose built student accommodation, senior living and other communal living typologies.

The networking event was facilitated using a ‘
World Café’ format, which is a powerful social technology for engaging people in conversations that matter, offering an effective antidote to the fast-paced fragmentation and lack of connection in today’s world. This method allows for the gathering and exchange of the collective intelligence of the group, so that a majority of voices are heard and an abundance of insights can be shared.

At the end of the session each of the dedicated table note takers shared the insights from their category with the wider group in order for everyone to hear the different insights gathered. This methodology not only allowed attendees to meet fellow thought leaders and specialists, but it also allowed them to dive deeper into important sustainable urbanism topics. The World Café method blends the best of a meet and greet with an interactive workshop format and allows for networking, idea sharing and data gathering.

We structured the networking session in a way that we could share our internal R&D as well as facilitate smaller thematic group discussions where specialists could dive deeper into categories such as sustainability, impact, ESG, social value, architecture, technology, community, branding, marketing and more.


This event is part of the official WUF11 and therefore you must be registered to WUF11 by June 25th to participate in this event.

You can register in the link below and follow the steps in the slides on this page for more information on how to register and the steps needed to do.

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This session was co-facilitated by the Coliving Ventures team with the help of some of our partners. The facilitation team included the following industry thought leaders:

Karolina Sawicka


Karolina has always been dedicated to exploring innovation, human-centric design and new business development rooted in design thinking methodology. She bridges creativity and strategy to create concepts that make a true impact on community and business.

Her experience covers working on projects related to market research, new concept development, business modelling, creating brand strategies as well as implementing innovative solutions to various environments. Karolina loves to spot new trends and insights related to the emerging real estate sectors, technology and consumer demand shaping the future of living.

Matt Lesniak


As an entrepreneur, researcher, community facilitator and impact strategist, Matt Lesniak works at the cross sections of the community building, placemaking and shared living sectors.

Matt is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Coliving Ventures, the venture manager behind Coliving Insights and Coliving Awards. Matt also consults on shared living projects via his consultancy Conscious Coliving to support them with integrating impact, sustainability, community and wellbeing into their businesses and designs.

Matt aims to transform how the specialist residential real estate sector contributes social value and impact to its residents, staff and wider neighborhoods, by helping foster authentic and thriving shared living communities.

Bart Sasim


Bart is a creative strategist & experienced real estate entrepreneur on a mission to build future-proof & sustainable business solutions with over 10 years of track record in the shared living scene.

His expertise lies in creating new and revitalising existing spaces, envisioning their potential beyond ordinary functionalities. As the Founder and CEO of Spatial Experience, he has brought key developments into the student housing / PBSA and coliving / PBSL scene. He is also one of the Co-Founders of Coliving Ventures, the venture managed behind Coliving Insights and Coliving Awards.

Aitana de Jong


Co-Founder of Coliving Ventures and Managing Partner at Spatial Experience. Her contributions in various initiatives within the coliving industry – such as Coliving Insights and Coliving Awards – are fuelling the sector with innovative ideas, focus and strategic thinking.

Penny Clark


Co-Founder and Head of Sustainability & Research at Conscious Coliving, Dr Penny Clark. Penny has recently obtained a PhD at the University of Westminster in environmentally sustainable practices within communities. During Coliving Awards 2022, Penny will lead the assessment of Impact & Sustainability category.

WUF 11 Organisers

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